Keep your website online, even if your web host goes down.

Have an always online backup copy of your website... just in case.

It's not just a backup, it's an online backup.

From datacenter failures to hackers, sooner or later your website is going to have a problem. Siteavail indexes your website and puts a backup copy online on independent hosting infrastructure. If your web host has a problem or even disappears completely, failover to Siteavail, and keep your website online.


Online Backups

Siteavail indexes your website to keep an always up to date online backup. 

Historical Snapshots

Regular periodic backups kept in case you need them

Rapid Failover

Online backups can serve your website if your web host fails.

Rapid Roll Back

Recover from accidental deletions or changes on your website. View or even roll back your live site to a historical version.

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 • Historical Snapshots
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